Taxidi - CD by Kostantis Kourmadias and Laura Shannon

Taxidi CD cover


Traditional Dance Music
from Greece and
Asia Minor

Kostantis Kourmadias
Saz, Violin, Vocals

Laura Shannon
Dajre, Bendir, Zills,
Spoons, Vocals

Yiorgos Pappas
Oud, Lafta

This new offering of old songs, recorded on the old instruments, is like a ship setting sail for the past, the future, and lands of hidden treasure. Each note of music, the steps we dance to it, and every glance the dancers exchange, are sparks from the embers of an ancient hearth. Woven patterns of words, melodies and movements convey forgotten values, which we hope to rekindle in a new way.
Songs of separation and exile give voice to the sorrow of parting and the longing for return. Wedding songs, like mystical poems, celebrate joyful communion between body and soul, heaven and earth. They exhort us to remember: our days on earth are counted, so live them to the fullest, with joy.

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40 page illustrated booklet with descriptions for all the dances on the CD Taxidi including many variations.

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1. Katsifóras (Naxos) Syrtós 4.52
2. Oussak (Kurdistan) Govend 4.39
3. Den eín’ avgí na sikothó (Erithrea, Smyrna) Table song 7.03
4. Manólaros (Skyros) Syrtós &
5. Na to taxidépso thélo (Chios) Syrtós 7.59
6. Vraïla (Smyrna) Karsilamás 4.25
7. Ithela na ’ha dhió kardhiés (Astypalaia) Issos 3.54
8. Nerómilos (Naxos) Syrtós 4.21
9. Anáthema ton aítio (Lesvos) Table song 3.28
10. Kóri m’ ki an perpateís lianá (Thrace) Women’s processional dance 2.15
11. Hília kalós orísate (Thessaly) Tsámikos 4.25
12. Sála yiála (Smyrna) Tsiftetéli 5.21
13. Kiourdí (Kurdistan) Halay 5.36
14. Méra mérose (Kalymnos) Wedding song 5.47
    Total 69.02