Dancing on the Earth: new book with chapter by Laura (Findhorn Press 2011)

Dancing on the Earth
Women's Stories of Healing Through Dance
by J. Leseho & S. McMaster, eds. (Findhorn Press 2011)
A powerful collection of essays to celebrate, to uplift, and to beckon you to take your place in the world. It includes Laura's chapter, Women's Ritual Dances: An Ancient Source of Healing in our Times
Laura Shannon, Iris J. Stewart, Johanna Leseho, 
Prema Dasara, Jolie Pate, Bonny Meyer, Kathryn Mihelick, Sharon Took-Zozaya, Opeyemi Parham, Sandy McMaster, Rhavina Schertenleib, Barbara Waterfall, Deepti Gupta, Mähealani Uchiyama, 
and Shahrazad Catharina Huisman
240 pages paperbackISBN: 978-1-84409-545-2

Over the centuries, dance has been instrumental in awakening us to ourselves, and in strengthening the bonds to our communities and to Nature. The essays in this volume show how dance can be both empowering and exhilarating, and the transformative power it has to renew and rebuild those bonds.
Widely interdisciplinary in nature and written by women dancers from around the world, these essays illustrate a rich array of dance practices and cultures. Join these women as they delve into indigenous dances from Native American and Hawaiian cultures, folk dances from Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East, sacred dances from India and Tibetan Buddhism, and improvisational dance. In the process, they not only re-discover their bodies and themselves, but also their connections to other women across generations and with the sacred, to experience that sense of belonging to something greater.
A rich source of information and inspiration… it is refreshing to read such academic yet enjoyable experience-led theory and practice in dance as a sacred and healing process… the poignant experience and knowledge of the writers should invite any readers who are interested in the area of movement and dance. 
---Kedzie Penfield, psychotherapist, movement analyst, educator
This book has great value at this moment in time. It is a fascinating look into the possibilities of a deeper experience of the mind/body/spirit nature of livingness… They are inspiring to read and invite me to deepen my own participation in these discoveries. Impressive. 
---Gary K. Bates, dancer, choreographer, educator
From Laura Shannon’s chapter on Women’s Ritual Dances
“...Emphasizing connectedness and continuity, homecoming and support, women’s ritual dances can rekindle ancient values of sustainability, empathy and equality, and provide an antidote to the alienation of self which is epidemic in the western world. In more than twenty years of teaching, I have found that women all over the world respond to these dances as valuable tools for healing and self-discovery...”
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