'Move In-Tune with YourSelf' and Women's Ritual Dances, with Laura and Zuleikha –for women who have taken part in Laura's 2-year training.
Friday, 19. March 2021
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Laura and Zuleikha are teaching together again! For women who have taken part in Laura's 2-year training in Women's Ritual Dances.


We are delighted to present another online dance and movement event for women who have taken part in Laura's 2-year training!


We will begin with Zuleikha's wonderful, gentle warmup 'Movement Awareness Practice', followed by Women's Ritual Dances from our training with Laura (bring your mandíli). Then we will move with Zuleikha in some of her BodyListening  floorwork and in the playful rhythmic exploration of feeling and rhythm.  

There will be time for questions and sharing.


It's a tremendous honour for me to work with my longtime mentor and friend Zuleikha. The years I spent exploring the essence of dance and movement with her were the key that helped unlock my understanding of the hidden wisdom encoded in the women's ritual dances. Zuleikha's work is fun and playful, transformative and profound, and suited to all levels of ability. For more information about her work as well as beautiful videos, please visit


Important! Because North America changes to Daylight Savings Time 2 weeks earlier than Europe, please note the following changes to the class times in North America only. Class times in Europe stay the same. Time: 9 am-12 noon PDT, 12 noon-3 pm EDT, 4-7 pm UK, 17.00-20.00 central Europe, 6-9 GR.

Cost: £20 pounds, €24 euros, $30 US dollars, $36 Canadian dollars.


To register, contact Laura. This online dance and movement event is only for women who have taken part in Laura's 2-year training.

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