Greek Fire 19. Vegan Feasts of Lent

Friday, April 9, 2021 
As I mentioned last week in Greek Fire 18, Greek Easter will come on May 2nd this year, so although Western Easter has come and gone, here we are all still deep in Lent. [1] It's a time of fasting – but also of feasting: especially for vegans, Greek Lent is absolute heaven.

When I first started visiting Greece about thirty years ago, vegan food was sometimes quite difficult to find. With war and famine still in living memory, the laden table took on a sacred significance, with meat or fish almost always at the centre. Whether I was invited to someone's home or invited out for a meal (for which the guest was never permitted to pay), the age-old custom of hospitality to a foreign visitor meant that abundant meat must be provided for national honour to be satisfied. It made no difference to protest that I was a lifelong vegetarian.

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