Greek Fire 11. Tsamikos Kardhítsa, Papalambrena, and A Camel in Nunavut

Thursday, February 4, 2021 

In Greek Fire 10, 'The power of the women's Tsámikos', I talked about an important yet little-known ritual dance family in which older women, particularly, can publicly express authority and power: the women's Tsámikos. [1] Of the more than 30 different women's Tsámika I've learned over the years, one of my favourites is Tsámikos Kardhítsa, also known as Papalámbrena, the focus of today's blog. In the 27 years since I first learned it and began to pass it on, it has become a staple in the Sacred/Circle Dance network, where it has taken on a somewhat surprising life of its own.

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